How to be the “Super Motivator” Webinar and Virtual Presenter

  • 18 Jul 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online



Webinars and virtual presentations are now a way of life in day-to-day operations. We communicate, motivate, collaborate and solve problems through webinars and virtual presentations. Yet admit or not, many of us have become monotonous and unimaginative in our presentations that our very presence has become uninteresting and we lose rapport with our learners during our virtual sessions. We push learners into multi-tasking and sleepy modes.

Ray has presented hundreds of webinars and has consistently engaged learners and team members. What are the secrets of being the super motivator webinar and virtual presenter?

Topics cover:
●     How to deal with the fear inside you
●     How to brainstorm to produce creative presentations
●     Identify the structure of a highly engaging webinar and virtual presentation
●     How to translate your emotions into “felt experiences” by your audiences
●     How to help learners “think” and “empathize”
●     Discover the source of being a  truly “super motivator”  webinar and virtual presenter
Attend the webinar and download for Free, Ray’s eBook on “101 Secrets of Super Motivator Webinar and Virtual Presenter.

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