Vendor Webinars...Are They Worth It?

10 Jan 2019 4:40 PM | Lawrence Kravitz (Administrator)

For the past 10 + years, holding a management title in Learning & Development, I have received countless vendors asking me to join a webinar.  You know the invite; come to a webinar and learn all about LMS technology, leadership training, employee engagement, etc.  I will ask you to be honest and ask how many of you hit delete prior to even reading the topic? C’mon now.  Be honest.  We all have a lot of work to do and no have time for those sales focused webinars.

In 2019, I want to challenge you.  I challenge you to read some of those invites.  Is the topic something that interests you?   Maybe a topic that might be useful for you to have some insight in for the future. 

Let me start by saying almost every one of these vendor webinars has some sort of sales component.  After all, no one gives away anything for free.  But there are some great vendors that you can learn from, are respectful of your time, and are good to keep in the virtual Rolodex should you need them.  One of my favorites is The Ken Blanchard Companies.  Ken Blanchard offers some great webinars ( for FREE, some even with Ken himself.  These webinars are truly chock full of information and are by no means pushy to make you buy.  Yes, they want you to buy something, but they truly strive to be a learning partner.  Training Mag Network,, is another place where I go to learn.  Tons of topics, many different vendors, and even a technical series.  NetSpeed Leadership also has some nice offerings.  You can find them at  I would be remiss to not mention the Franklin Covey Web Series.  They have a number of webinars on their courses and are located at

In 2019, make a commitment to devote an hour a month to a webinar.  I can almost guarantee you will learn something new!

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