Dear Members and Friends of ATD Long Island,

I am honored to be President of ATD Long Island this year.  I want to start out by sharing with you my experience with ATD.  Being part of the Long Island chapter has made me stronger as a learning and development professional.  That alone, is not what keeps me involved.  It’s the contacts and friends I have made along the way.  It’s the network of like-minded professionals who I love spending time with.  It’s a group of people whom I can ask questions to, share stories with and learn from. 

I have only been with the ATD community for a few years, but I have seen each of the last few Presidents add immense value.  This includes solid programming, increased membership, getting students involved, strong community exposure and so much more. 

Recently, we sat together as a board and came up with the following goals:

Membership: Increase by 70% by June, 2019

  • 2017-18 saw almost 100% increase and we are now at 60 members
  • Extended Membership committee includes:
o   VP Membership: Stephanie Burke
o   New Member Orientation: Michele Rebetti
o   Membership: Lisa Garraputa
o   Student Outreach & Student Interest Groups: Melissa Trifoli

Marketing and Communications: Enhance ATD LI website and social media presence

  • Source volunteers to assist with technology needs
  • Current committee includes:
o   VP Marketing & Communications: Lisa Privett-Wood
o   Social Media: Melda Yildiz

Finance: Ensure overall fiscal responsibility

  • Sustain positive impact of reduced annual dues while increasing member benefits and managing costs
  • Incorporate organization
  • VP Finance: Karen Flynn 

Programming: Continue quality in-person programming at monthly meetings and expand virtual programming opportunities

  • Sy Islam continues to leverage his extensive network and has worked tirelessly for the last few years as VP Programming.
  • Program logistics (in-person and virtual) will be managed by Allie Lopes


Outreach: New VP position to maximize ATD Long Island's exposure to Long Island businesses

  • VP Outreach: Sheri Lyons 

As you can see, we have a strong team of Board Members and Directors, and I’m excited about the 2018/2019 year.  I hope that every member takes advantage of all that our organization has to offer you.  If you’d like to talk about anything, the Board is always available via phone or e-mail.  Contact me anytime regarding ideas, suggestions, comments, or criticism.  We’re here for you, our members!

I look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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